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Kids Zone

The FuglyBug fun zone for kids. A FuglyBug may be unsuitable for children under the age of 8 years old to own, but that doesnít stop kids from loving the FuglyBug!

So, especially for our future FuglyBug owners, you can print and colour a drawing or a card to send to your friends and family.

FuglyBugs may be a Regular or a Golden type at the moment, but thatís not to say they wonít alter as the breeding program continues. Why not colour one in and make them bright and happy so that it can adorn any bedroom, fridge or shelf!

Farley FuglyBug (thatís our Logoís name) loves to try different colours. See what you can do and practice, ready for next yearís competition. Keep an eye on this page to see when the competition starts and for any new features. There will be different downloads as the different seasons and events occur.

Click on the free links below to open the Adobe pdf, then just print it, fold it, colour it, send it!

Cards and invites will fit in a regular C6 envelope.

†††† FuglyBug - Colouring Sheet

†††† Arty Farly - Colouring Sheet††††

†††† Birthday Card - Fold it into 4 and colour it in.

†††† Party Invites - Print off and cut out to give to your friends.


FuglyBug and the logos are copyrighted and a Trademark of Nicholas Warburton, 2010

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